How to Increase Facebook Exposure to Your Posts

How to Increase Exposure to Your Facebook Posts. Network Marketers Only

Insider Information on getting your Facebook ads and posts seen without spending up more of your budget on boosts and promotions. In fact, it will cost you absolutely nothing.

Facebook has become one of the easiest and cost effective ways to get the word out about your business. However, if you don’t follow certain strategies, every post you make can potentially harm your efforts more than help them.

First, it’s important to know how Facebook algorithms work. When you make a post to Facebook, their system will only show the post to a select few people.

When those Facebook friends engage the post by liking, sharing, and/or commenting on it, Facebook starts to promote it by making it appear in more of your friends’ feeds. If no one engages the post, it won’t be promoted as much, and there usually comes a point when Facebook stops promoting it at all.

That means people have to share, like, and comment on your posts or they’re not doing you any good.

One way to make this happen is to make posts and hope people start engaging on their own.

That sometimes works, but an even more effective way is to have a plan already in place that will guarantee your posts are engaged enough to spread the message to an ideal number of friends and followers.

To make this as cost effective as possible, I’ve started a GroupMe group whose only purpose is for the members to Like, Comment, and Share each other’s posts.

Here is how it gets you more Facebook exposure:

  • Let’s say you post an ad to Facebook. At the end of the ad, you leave a call to action telling anyone who’s interested to type “INFO” in the comments.
  • You notify the group that you need engagement on the post.
  • Members of the group will Like and comment on your post, and sometimes they may even share it as long as your business doesn’t clash with theirs.
  • Facebook doesn’t care what’s being left in the comments as long as comments are being made. So each comment, even if it only says, “info,” makes Facebook promote your post to other people in their feeds.
  • Your post gets 5-10 times the exposure.

There is no fee. The only thing you have to do is download the GroupMe app to your cell phone and notify me via direct message on Facebook that you want to be added to Boost My Post group.


Drop Shipping Income

Drop Shipping Income

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Top Cashback

What is Top Cashback and How Does it Work?

Top CashbackTop Cashback is a cashback website that offers savings on common purchases made every day from thousands of online retailers.

It is one of only three that I personally use (Upromise and Ebates are the other two) because their sales tracking system is accurate, their payments come on time, and they give you three options for how you receive those payments. You can choose between Paypal, direct deposit into your bank account, or an Amazon credit worth 2.5% more than the dollar amount.

I first learned of Top Cashback in 2014 when I was introduced to a concept called drop shipping.

Originally, I used cashback to increase my profits from the arbitrage purchases that I made for my eBay and Amazon customers. It was a really simple, but smart, way to add extra income without doing anything extra.

How Top Cashback Saves You Money as a Buyer

After being involved in drop shipping for a small period, I was able to turn the small profits I was making in the beginning into multiple daily sales within a few months of selling on Amazon.

Unfortunately, the more sales you get, the more returns you have to deal with. When I was barely getting any returns, I went to the library to print off return labels. Once I started making 8-15 sales every day from drop shipping, I needed to buy a printer to save time by printing them from home.

That’s when I started feeling like an idiot. In all the months that I’d been increasing my profits by getting cashback on purchases made for my customers, it had never crossed my mind to do the same thing on the purchases I made for my personal use.

When I decided to buy the printer, I spent about an hour travelling between Target, Walmart, and a few online stores.

When I was at Walmart, I saw a printer that reminded me of one that I’d seen on Since there was no shipping fee, the prices were exactly the same.

I put the printer in my cart. I was about to head towards the checkout line when an idea hit me. I put the printer back. I went straight home and bought the same printer at Walmart’s online store, but I bought it through Top Cashback.

The prices were the same but the difference is I got a notification in my email telling me I’d gotten cashback for the purchase by going to Top Cashback first.

That means I got the same product at the same initial price, but because I made the transaction through Top Cashback, I got a rebate a few weeks later. That’s extra money in my pocket for putting a cashback site between the supplier and me.

Does Top Cashback Have Good Customer Service?

Top Cashback has such a good system in place that I rarely ever have to contact customer service. There is only one incident that I can think of that was a little frustrating and serious enough to contact them.

As I said before, I use drop shipping as a way to make extra money from home. Someone bought a dresser from me on Bonanza. It was a big sale, over $500, and the rebate I was supposed to get for it was $15.51.

I didn’t get a notification for some reason. I checked my stats. It turns out the reason I didn’t get a notification is because the order wasn’t tracked.

I contacted customer service and they said they’d look into it. A few days passed. They said they had contacted the company that I had bought from and still hadn’t heard back from them so they were going to issue me the money and deal with the company later.

That really impressed me because cashback companies usually will not pay you until they’ve been paid by the vendor.

Top Cashback had actually gone above and beyond by not only making sure I got what I had coming to me, but by taking my word for it that I really qualified to receive the money back.

Even to this day I sometimes use Top Cashback over other cashback websites even if the other sites are offering more money because I know they’ll make sure I get paid.

Making a Purchase Using Top Cashback

As I was writing this article, I got a sale from I was about to fulfill the order when it occurred to me that I could record myself fulfilling the order so you could see a live demonstration of how easy the site is to use.

The first two minutes show how to use the system. The last 6 minutes teach an added benefit of cashback sites that few people know about.

Sign Up for Top Cashback

You can sign up for Top Cashback from this site. It’s free to join.

Just visit the site, enter your name and email address, and start shopping. It’s really simple.