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I’m LaShaun Williams and welcome to my site.

I’ve been involved with Internet marketing on and off since 2011. I didn’t get serious about it until 2014.

Over those years, I witnessed the amount of money that could be made online, but I also witnessed how much money could be wasted if you fell in line with the wrong people.

Don’t get me wrong. There are some great leaders out there, but there are a lot of leaders whose only way of “helping” you is to keep you buying things that make profits for them. I’ve seen a lot of people, including me, go broke because of following the wrong people.

You’d be surprised at how many legitimate businesses get a bad reputation only because of some of the marketing tactics their members are using.

I did manage to fight through all the nonsense, and I discovered that in order to make sustainable money from network marketing, two things had to be present.

People get into network marketing to make money so the first is you have to have a product that makes you money.

Yes, people will join other business opportunities because of their awesome compensation plans, but if those people should happen to struggle to recruit new people, they won’t be making money, and they won’t stick around no matter how much they like the products. The products have to make them money whether they recruit anyone or not.

The second thing you need is a great system. Most network marketers will have you believe you need to find a great “Why,” a great reason for wanting to make more money.

Yes, that helps, but most people just haven’t been through the adversity needed to develop such a strong yearning. Most people just want to make some money without driving themselves crazy.

That’s where having a system that appeals to the 98% of people who don’t have a strong enough Why is important.


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